New BFF Material: Lily Collins

Sorry, Lauren, no longer do the initials LC conjure up images of you and Stephen hanging out in Laguna and your flat-ironed hair. (I still love you though.) No, now, it’s all about Lily Collins. If you don’t know much about this lady, it’s okay, neither did I till a few weeks ago. All I knew was that she was the daughter of Phil Collins (love), that she was doing the whole acting thing, and that she had pretty impressive brows (look at those suckers!).

But then – it was like she was everywhere! Main-squeeze in “thriller” Abduction? Check. Dating co-star Taylor Lautner? Check. Cover of Teen Vogue? Check.

Not that starring in Abduction really did it for me, cause reality check: That shit looked terrible (even though Lautner’s a babe). Really, it was the interviews I started reading slash devouring. In a nutshell: She basically convinced an agency to sign her as a model even though she was only 5’5 (and she walked the runways!), she wrote stories for magazines including a cover story of Scarlett Johansson for CosmoGirl in 2008, and she worked as a teen correspondent for Nickelodeon, even covering the 2008 presidential election. Dang. I got tired just writing all that down.

She had always dabbled in acting, but it seemed like journalism was winning out…. until now. She states in the newest issue of Nylon that while she plans to return to USC to study broadcast journalism, she’s enjoying the time off to really delve into her acting career. “Meeting new people, being open to new experiences are the essence of journalism — what I learned doing it I now use to find character traits.” I know that prior to my illustrious journalism career (ahem) I was angling to be an actress, so it makes sense. It’s really about understanding character.

So to wrap up, here are the top 5 reasons why Lily Collins and I should be besties:

1)      Like I said, before I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to be an actress. Lily’s interested in journalism and acting as well. So much to talk about!

2)      Her work has appeared in Elle Girl (UK), Seventeen, and Teen Vogue. I’ve read all those magazines. Crazy.

3)      She’s in a new adaption of Snow White, as is Kristen Stewart. This makes them natural enemies. Kristen Stewart annoys me, ergo, I’ll be supporting Lily 110% (even though, admittedly, Stewart’s movie looks better). That’s what besties do! Your enemy is my enemy.

4)      Her dad is Phil Collins. I love Phil Collins. Enough said.

5)      She worked covering the 2008 presidential campaign for Nickelodeon. I was voted “most likely to be president” by my senior class. These both are not very involved policy-wise, but sound way impressive and like we know a lot about politics.

Seriously though Lily, let’s get friendship bracelets.

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