Friday Fashion Flashback: Mini Backpack

an awesome 90s backpack from etsy

Who didn’t have a mini backpack while growing up? I had at least five (including a faux patent leather black one with butterflies that was to die for). You wore it everywhere – to the mall with your friends while your mom chaperones, to sleepovers, field trips during day camp, sports practice (I didn’t play sports but I’m assuming people did do this), the list can go on and on. They were trendy and practical (for the most part). I liked that since it was on your back, you didn’t have to deal with your inexperience of carrying a bag. Hey, it takes practice to schlep around a purse – you’ve got to hold it the right way and actually remember to pick it up when you leave places. I don’t think I’m the only one who brought purses out because I thought I was grown up and kept forgetting them everywhere I went. Why did I need a purse when I was 10 years old? To carry around fake money, of course…and three Bonnebell lip smackers.  Yes, I brought fake money around with me, it made me feel rich somehow.

I think we need to bring mini backpacks back – both for fashion reasons and our sanity. Everyone has such ginormous bags now. Why do we need a weekender-type bag as an everyday bag? But also, how would we ever be able to cram our whole lives in one tiny backpack now? Mini backpacks were 90s minimalism at its finest. We carry way to much baggage (I had to, I’m sorry!) in the 21st century.


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