S/S Saturday Selects: Next Male Heartthrob?

Ladies and gents, every Saturday we’ll be bringing you our picks for, well, a topic of our choosing. Vague? Yes. Brilliant? We’d like to think so.

First up: the next male heartthrob.

Sam’s pick: Josh Hutcherson

Okay, I’m not saying this to jump on The Hunger Games bandwagon, because I’ve been a fan of this kid since his Little Manhattan days. (Seriously. I own the movie and literally make people watch it.) But I’m glad this cutie will finally be (over)-exposed to a mass audience. Yes, he’s had other movies (The Kids Are All Right was pretty phenomenal), but this is going to shoot him to a whole other level. And honestly, Liam Hemsworth is a) almost too pretty, b) involved with Miley, and c) isn’t going to be playing Peeta, aka the most lovable male fictional character.

Also, some things that point to impending heartthrob status:

1. He has several fan twitters and websites devoted to him, as well as unverified twitter accounts that claim to be him, which means he’s already winning out. (If you’re trying to be a celebrity and people don’t pretend to be you, you got nothing.)

2. Peeta (See: above and The Hunger Games.)

3. I mean, c’mon, look at that face. Case closed.

Sarah’s pick: Logan Lerman

Before I start, I wanna give a shoutout to Josh Hutcherson. You’re real cute, Peeta. And I can’t wait for the movie to come out and you’re def gonna be a heartthrob. I had to add another cutie to bring more choices into the mix. There can totally be more than one Hollywood hottie. It gives us some variety (even though J.Hutch and Logan kinda look like they could be brothers or cousins, but still, you know what I mean).

Does anyone remember Jack and Bobby? You know the show about two brothers and one of the brothers becomes president and one of them dies? It was a mystery because you didn’t know which one dies until the end of pilot episode. Logan played the younger brother. SPOILER ALERT: Logan became president. Anyways, he was adorable in that show. Like little-kid adorable, but, I mean he was 12 when he filmed it.

I’ve seen this kid recently and he’s the stuff teen heartthrobs are made of: piercing blue eyes (a touch of Zefron), artfully tousled hair (a little of the Biebs) and of course, he’s a little on the short side, 5’8″ (i.e. every male actor in Hollywood). Logan has really grown up during the years and he’s been in some high-profile movies like Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I don’t even know what this movie is but I’m assuming it’s big if there’s a sequel coming out) and The Three Musketeers (with my ghost of celeb crushes’ past, Orlando Bloom). And even though he’s not in a book-series-turned-movie of Twilight proportions, he is going to be in a film adaptation of another young adult novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Emma Watson (Hermione!). So I think he’s still got a good shot at being the main photo on J-14 or Twist or M .

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