Coolest Kids Right Now: Sophia Grace and Rosie

If you don’t know who Sophia Grace and Rosie are, I can’t be your friend anymore. They’re these two little girls who gained fame when they made a video of themselves singing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Well, Sophia Grace is the one who sings, Rosie is the hype girl. They’re just two little munchkins who wear tutus and tiaras everyday and run around like crazy. That’s my kind of people right there. Now they’re on Ellen all the time and she gets them the all-access pass to meet celebs and go to fun events like the Grammys.

I am obsessed with them. I think they’re hilarious. They say whatever they want to say in these really adorable British accents. And I think Sophia Grace is pretty dang talented, can we please put her on the Disney Channel? And speaking of Disney…

Can we just talk about this video? That was/is my dream Disneyland trip right there. The makeover? The carriage ride? Meeting all those Disney princesses? The 8-year-old in me got a little jealous.

Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I have a child many, many years from now, she’s going to be like Sophia Grace. But Asian. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Sarah, won’t you get so annoyed by your daughter?” And my answer is no, I won’t, because this is karma. For being exactly like that to my own mother. I wasn’t as extreme as Sophia Grace, but let me just say I loved to talk to everyone and anyone (I still tell strangers my life story to this day, whether they like it or not). And yeah, I’ve made a scene in a couple department stores because I was dancing around and singing songs (original songs, one of which was called “Glittery, Sparkly.”) I would definitely welcome a daughter like Sophia Grace.

Also to tie two of my obsessions together, Sophia Grace and Rosie and One Direction. They met. Cuteness ensued. (They come on at 58 seconds)

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