Sky Dancers


Okay, I admit it: I was a fan of Sky Dancers. Mostly because I had Barbies and baby dolls, and hell, Sky Dancers fit in there somewhere, right? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, they were like the girly version of propeller helicopters or something much cooler. (Research finding: they were released in 1994.) They looked like fairies, and had a base that you placed them into. You pulled the string on the base (as fast and hard as you could!) so they would spin, wings lifting them into the air and off of the base. Magic!

Needless to say, there were quite a few Sky Dancer injuries in my household. And apparently I wasn’t the only one having sky dancer-induced trauma: They were recalled in 2000 for safety hazards. But for six marvelous years, the world was blessed with winged, flying dancers with names like Breeze and Angelica. GET IT? BECAUSE THEY FLY IN THE SKY!

Two years later, I was pretty much over Sky Dancers (what can I say, I had toy fad A.D.D.) until McDonald’s released the happy meal version mini-sky dancers. I gobbled those up as fast as I could gobble up the chicken mcuggets to get ’em. I then pretended they were the children of the original Sky Dancers. I’m imaginative like that.

Apparently, there was even a cartoon that featured Sky Dancers. A quick netflix search confirms what anyone would guess: it sucked.


Feeling sad that you missed out? No worries. A bid on Ebay will get you what you need. There’s even a lot of 13 original sky dancers going for the bargain price of $50! You can buy the DVD of the cartoon for 99 cents. (see: review above.) In the meantime, you can probably just poke yourself in the eye or hit yourself in the face with a plastic toy. It’s pretty much the same thing.

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