Friday Fashion Flashback: Hair Chopsticks

it's an art

Oh, where to begin with my love for hair chopsticks? This was a fad that was around in the 90s (early 2000s?) and that I, for one, fully invested time and money in.

My first set of hair sticks came from a bottle of LA Looks hair gel. This is notable for two reasons: 1) I bought the gel solely because I wanted the neon orange and pink chopsticks and 2) that’s how rampant this fad was! It was a selling incentive for hair products!

Do you see that picture? Do you see it? I had that style down pat. I could whip my hair up with chopsticks anytime, anywhere. If there was such a thing as hair chopsticks olympics (there wasn’t) I would’ve gotten a gold medal.

I had ones with little adornments like this one. I got them from Claire’s. I also had blue ones with Chinese characters. You know, for a more authentic take. There were so many ways to style your hair with these things: One bun! Two buns! A twist! The possibilities were (not) endless.

An internet search informs me that people are still doing this hairstyle (and that they’re also, apparently, universally known as “hair sticks.” Have I been culturally insensitive all this time?!). I have to know: has anyone seen this recently? Must. Investigate. (I hope it is a fad that is making its way back. Like leggings. Or boy bands.)

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