Netflix Find: NYC Prep (Ewww)

Jesus take the wheel

I love NYC. I love it so much I will forever be that annoying person trying to get all her friends to move out here so we can all have fun together until I leave this city, or you know, die. (Morbid much?)

Anywho, sometimes I realize that this city also has its downsides: Mostly, I’m talking about NYC kids and/or teens. I don’t mean to make that generalization, as obviously a lot of people who grow up here are amazing, kind and truly incredible people, but living in Manhattan you also encounter a lot of little ones that just make you shake your head and go, Oh Lord. I feel bad for them. They have too many influences, (usually) too much money, and they’ll never really come to grips with how most of America lives.

Case in point: The 2009 Bravo TV show NYC Prep made me want to vomit. I remember watching this show when I was interning in NYC, but I recently found it on Netflix and watched a couple of episodes. (I later questioned my sanity.) I get that it’s mostly (if not entirely) scripted — that the friendships were kind of forced to make a great TV show. But here’s the thing: They wanted to be viewed in that way. To show off how privileged they are and how fantastic their lives are. (Of course, that pretty much backfires, because you just see how sad it all is.) And their parents? I. Can’t. I’m not a parent, but I can’t see how leaving your 16-year-old daughter in a Manhattan apartment with her 18-year-old brother and seeing them ONCE during the week is parenting. Not to mention, even allowing them to take part in this show! Maybe they had no idea that their kids would be talking about having sex all the time (yes, the 15-year-old is discussing that) or drinking at private parties, but COME ON. Let’s be a better parent okay, and try to understand your kids’ lives and what they’re doing and going through (and at least pretend to care), and not have them show off their indiscretions to the rest of America. I’m not saying teens won’t be teens, perhaps experimenting with sex and/or alcohol, but this show was just too much.  A little research finds that some of the cast members have gone on to do surprisingly well and have even contributed to philanthropic efforts (that weren’t highlighted in the show). And hey, kudos to that, but the show still made my skin crawl.

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