California Dreams

don't wake me up, don't wake me up if i'm dreaming

Fire up the synthesizer and let’s talk about another classic teen show, California Dreams.  It’s less popular than Saved by the Bell, but equally amazing. For those who don’t know or don’t remember the show, it was about a group of teenagers who had a band, called California Dreams. They were surf dudes with attitude (kinda groovy). Plus, the cast was a lot more diverse than STB, the show had an Asian (Sam, who was a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong) and a Hispanic (Lorena, the groupie).

But if we’re gonna be real here, California Dreams was basically what would have happened if the kids on Saved by the Bell formed a band. Here’s a comparison:

Hangout: Their version of the Max was Sharkey’s, a beach restaurant where they hung out and where they conveniently had some gigs.

Annoying and dumb character: Their Screech was Sly, the band’s smarmy manager.

Core couples: I’d say California Dreams’ Kelly and Zack were Tiffani (blonde bass player) and Jake (the second guitarist and overall bad boy). Jessie and AC Slater’s doppelgangers were Sam (vocalist) and Tony (drummer). If Lisa and Screech ever got together, they would be Lorena and Sly (opposites attract?).

I really like California Dreams. My 5 or 6-year-old self actually believed that when I was a teenager my life would be exactly like that. I mean, I did live in California! Sadly, my teenage life wasn’t like that, but who knows, maybe I’ll join a band and learn to surf one day?

But the redeeming quality of California Dreams? They actually got their sh-t together to reunite on Jimmy Fallon! Yeah, they did. And they sang the theme song, like how cool is that? It was awesome. Take that, Saved by the Bell. Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have the video up anymore, but damn what happened to you Jake? Tiffani, Sam and Tony look like they haven’t aged. And I’m pretty sure Sly got better with age.

So since I don’t have the reunion video, I’ll just leave you with the theme song:

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