The Hunger Games Anticipation, pt 1

The Hunger Games has premiered, and we now await the release in theaters on Friday (though, to be perfectly honest, I’m probably going to wait a couple of weeks for the craziness to die down.)

Not that I’m not crazy about the series, as well. I read all three books in less than 72 hours.  Even with a full-time job. (Thankfully, I started book one on a Thursday, so I had the weekend to finish the other two. THE COOLEST 20-SOMETHING EVER.)

If you haven’t heard about the book series (who are you?), basically some kids are chosen from every district of a future world to pay homage to how crazy things were back in the day, (chaos, I tell you!), before everything was controlled. So, these kids are chosen, and then they’re trained, and then they … kill each other. Yep, one person “wins” in this crazy, gladiators type arena after all the others are killed. Everyone else watches them try and survive. HUMANITY.

Honestly though, I thought the books were so well-written. There’s this gif of Woody Harrelson saying what he thought of them, and he pretty much says what I want. But considering I can’t find that gif anymore, and I’m too lazy to really spend too much time looking for it, you’ll just have to take my word for it: He says you can’t finish one without immediately starting another. (Ugh, ain’t it the truth Woody…)

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was a great choice, considering her character is pretty much the same one as Winter’s Bone, just you know… set in the future and without the appalachian dialect. SURVIVAL! YEAH!

I’ve already raved about Josh Hutcherson, but I’m so excited to see him in action. I hope this kid can hack it. I think he can. He seems to be in touch with the sensitive Peeta, so that’s a good sign.

And my god, can we talk about the supporting cast: Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson… honestly, the kids better not eff this up, cause you know these actors are gonna kill it.

Lastly, this movie has brought together three of my favorite things: The Hunger Games, The Civil Wars, and Taylor Swift. Take it away, Taylor.

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