Friday Fashion Flashback: Slap Bracelets


Oh good ol’ slap bracelets. A fashion accessory, toy and torture device rolled into one. Quick summary: it’s basically a flat band that’s wrapped in plastic or fabric, that you can bend (or slap!) onto your wrist to form a bracelet.

I’m not sure where or when I got my first slap bracelet: they’ve been burned in my memory since the beginning of time aka since the first time my sister asked me, “Sam, want to be pretty?” and BAM! The pain of the slap bracelet, as hard as she could slap it, would come down on my tiny wrist. “THERE.” BIG SISTERS ARE THE BEST.

I did, on occasion, actually enjoy wearing them, and had a few different ones: a zebra-print one, a bright green neon one, a silver holographic one, and one that was red with a chinese print. These things were in heavy rotation for like, six solid months, which is pretty much FOREVER in kid time. Looking back, I’m not sure who decided that these “bracelets” were actually a good look. They kind of just remind me of prisoner cuffs, i.e. Genie before he’s (SPOILER ALERT) set free:


Apparently, stores are still selling these things and marketers are using them for promotional products. Um, when did stickers go out of style? That shit never hurt anyone.

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