S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Spice Girl

Girl Power! This week we discuss our favorite member of the Spice Girls. And since we both went to the reunion tour, we’re def talking about that, too.

Sarah’s pick: Ginger Spice

Oh the Spice Girls. They really played a big part in my childhood. And like I said in my bio, I have them and Gloria Steinem to thank for teaching me about women’s rights. Girl Power! Ginger (aka Geri Halliwell) was awesome and my favorite. She was probably the sluttiest one of all of them (hello, Union Jack dress with her knickers showing?). She was just so feisty and fun, but without veering towards Scary. When she left the Spice Girls, I was devastated. How could she do that? That was basically the end of the band. I never got to see them in concert! I remember being really upset and I probably cried into one of my Spice Girls t-shirts, but blocked that bad memory out of my mind.

So when the reunion tour came, I was vigilant about getting tickets. I had to go to that concert. I went with two friends to the concert in Newark. It was quite a trek for a little freshman at NYU to travel on the PATH to scary Newark. A homeless man yelled at my roommate on the train. But for the Spice Girls I would do anything. My friends and I made shirts that said “Zig,” “A-Zig,” “Ah.” It was a magical experience. I bought maybe $100 worth of Spice Girls paraphernalia, including a ring, a t-shirt and a glow stick. I was a preteen again. And even though they weren’t the best singers ever and Geri messed up during Wannabe, it was still a realization of my childhood fantasies come true. Dancing to all my favorite songs live really brought me back to the elaborate concerts my friends and I used to have at sleepovers and solo dance parties that I used to have in my room. I LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS.

Sam’s Pick: Posh Spice

I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls. I had notebooks. I ate those stupid chupa chup lollipops. I watched Spice World 3893 times (full disclosure: I have the DVD.) I would flash the piece sign more than anyone should, ever. I would constantly sing their songs everywhere I went. (but not too loudly… I was pretty shy.) I always recommended the Spice Girls for my dance classes. They didn’t listen. Whatever, I danced at home to their songs anyway.

My favorite Spice Girl? Obviously Posh Spice. She was classy, cool, and she wore really short black skirts and high heels. It was awesome. (And apparently, I wasn’t the only one to choose Posh as their favorite: Everyone’s seen David Beckham, right?! I rest my case.)

I went to their reunion show in Chicago as a sophomore in college. There were ten of us. Yes, you read that right. TEN OF US. The Spice Girls love is rampant. We all dressed as our favorite. There were three baby’s, two Posh’s, two Sporty’s, two Ginger’s and one Scary Spice. (Sorry, Scary.)

Yeah, I wasn't kidding...

I never danced so much at a concert. I’m not ashamed. My love for the Spice Girls will continue on. (As will my love for flashing the peace sign. Not apologizing for it.) SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.

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