The Parent Trap

So when I mentioned Life Size last week, I realized I needed to talk about The Parent Trap. One of my favorite movies ever. Seriously, I was obsessed. Plus, it started my admiration for all things British. Perhaps it even had something to do with my decision to study abroad in London in college.

I remember seeing the trailers for The Parent Trap and thinking, “OMG, these girls are the new MK and A!” Then I realized they were played by one girl. It blew my mind and made me think that whoever that redhead chick was, she was super cool. When I saw the movie, I loved everything about it. I wanted to go to sleepaway camp. I wanted to pierce someone’s ears using a needle, ice and an apple. I wanted to live in London and/or on a vineyard in Napa. I wanted a mom who was a fashion designer (RIP Natasha Richardson). And why didn’t I have a secret handshake with anyone?

Lindsay Lohan was so cool in that movie.  She was so hip and she could do a British and American accent! I was so obsessed with the movie that when the VHS came out, my sister and I watched it so much (and kept rewinding and playing our favorite parts) that the tape broke. We were devastated, but then our parents bought us a new one. I had the soundtrack (which is pretty amazing and I may or may not still listen to it sometimes). My sister and I would play the song that plays every time Martin and Hallie/Annie do their handshake and we would do the handshake!

I can’t adequately sum up my love for this movie in words, but I decided to write down my top 5 favorite things about The Parent Trap:

1. The pranks. There were so many mischievous pranks. Like when Hallie steals Annie’s clothes when she goes skinnydipping. Or when Annie put all of Hallie’s cabin furniture on the roof. And especially when Hallie puts booby traps all over Hallie’s cabin – syrup, feathers, shaving cream and water balloons. How did those 12 year olds pull it off?

2. Weird food combos. I never had Oreos and peanut butter before. Or cornbread with chili. Thanks for introducing that to me, The Parent Trap.

3. The handshake. I know it, ‘nuff said.

4. “Did you know the Concorde gets you there in half the time?” What a great ending. (RIP Concorde)

5. Lindsay Lohan. She was such a star. Her current trainwreck status makes me so sad.

Sidenote, is it a coincidence that as I’m writing this, The Parent Trap is playing on ABC Family? It’s a sign.

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