Dance Academy (Season 1)

I’ve mentioned my addictive personality, right? If I haven’t, well, I have one. It’s sad, really, but get me going on a TV show and I’m that girl gushing about it every 20 seconds and devouring it like my life depended on it (it often feels like it does).

So last Sunday, after resigning myself to a lazy day inside (it was raining!), Netflix recommended I check out this Australian teen show, “Dance Academy.” So I did.

Damn you Netflix.

I’m hooked. I’m hooked so hard. It’s not like this stuff is groundbreaking, but dammit if it’s not mastered in this little teen drama that is basically a TV version of Center Stage, just younger and set in Australia. Country girl (they have those in Australia? I really need to learn more about the world) gets accepted into ballet school. Has to deal with, well, sucking and having a cool best friend and an ambitious-semi-psychotic roommate. Has to deal with having a crush on a perfect, older guy and developing feelings for a bad boy. Love triangles, ah, aren’t the best when paired with dance numbers? I think so.

Anyway, I finished 15 episodes in one day (wait, what?) and it’s become a problem. There’s 26 in one season, and season two isn’t on Netflix yet (though from reviews it seems like it goes downhill. Say it ain’t so!). I really hope it doesn’t end up sucking, though let’s be honest, by the time it’s on Netflix I’ll probably be hooked on another show, most likely one filled with teen angst.

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2 thoughts on “Dance Academy (Season 1)

  1. onlymystory says:

    Found your post while trolling the internet for Dance Academy convos. S2 is on Netflix now. And I don’t know what reviews are talking about as for it going downhill unless they just can’t get over the finale. (You’ll know when you see it). But honestly S2 took Dance Academy from a fun show with a few deeper moments to a really heartfelt, well-written, and thought-provoking show.

    • Hi there! Ugh, I know! I don’t know what those peeps were talking about, and I really need to update this post as I clearly watched S2 the second it came on (told you I have an addictive personality). Such a great show. SAMMY!!! I really hope there’s another season.

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