Friday Fashion Flashback: Tattoo Chokers

Everyone remembers these, right? Seriously, they were in fashion for way longer than what could be deemed acceptable. At first, it was cool. Look at that! What’s that on your neck! What? It’s not a tattoo?! COOL.

Then, things got weird. There were ones in weird colors — rainbow, even. There were clear ones (because, invisible tattoos, were like, so cool?) I had one with a swarovski crystal overlay. What tattoo has crystals in it? Also, why is that tattoo on my wrist?! Strange times, I tell you.

Looking back, this look wasn’t cute on an elementary girl. Or anyone, really, for that matter. It also kind of looked like some weird stitching. As if someone sawed your head off and then oops, we’ll just sew you back together. (I think I’ve been looking at these pictures too long.)

Anyway, cheers to the tattoo necklace. May you live on in our hearts (but not ever come back into fashion.)

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