Chalet Girl


Finding myself, once again, succumbing to a lazy Sunday, I poked around Netflix to see what wonders it had to offer. Soon enough, I was given the recommendation of Chalet Girl, a British 2011 romcom of sorts that follows a girl as she becomes a rich family’s chalet girl for the skiing season and becomes a snowboarding whiz (because, oh yeah, she was a young prodigy skateboarder, until her mom was killed). She also, duh, falls for the handsome guy in the family, and has a hard time coming to grips with the family’s lifestyle. The movie stars Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Brooke Shields, Nicholas Braun, Sophia Bush, Bill Nighy, and other notables. (See: When bad films happen to good actors.)

Not that this film was terrible. I actually enjoyed it; mostly because I have a soft-spot for Ed Westwick and feel-good (read: terrible) romantic comedies. But most of it felt like an ABC Family movie gone awry. One minute, you have delightful one-liners that leave you giggling at their absurdity, the next you have drunken debauchery in the hot tub and sex scenes. Hey, I’m not against ‘em (Ed Westwick, yum), but it didn’t really work. It was like your 11-year-old sister dressing up in fishnets. It just felt wrong.

Anyway, if you’re hankering for a laughable, goofy, romantic movie, this’ll do the trick. If you’re looking for a moving, cinematic experience? Keep looking.

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