C’est La Vie

So confession: Whenever I’m home and driving with my childhood girlfriends, we roll down the windows and blast B*witched’s “C’est La Vie.” Forget blasting Kanye and Jay-Z or Rihanna, we’re all about this 1998 song. No shame. It’s total nostalgia — belting out a song that your 8-year-old self listened to nonstop.

Can we talk about the music video? Jean jackets, jean and  colored tee. Perfection. Also the love interest in the video? Sweet yellow tee tucked into khakis. Very hot. Also what’s with the random dog? Also, since these girls are Irish, naturally they have to do a jig. Can someone tell me why U2 doesn’t do more jigs in their music videos? I have so many questions about this video.

But real talk. In prepping to write this post, I listened to the song maybe 10 times. I’ve come to conclusion that it’s pretty sexual. Here are some lyrics:

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” — Um what.

“Gotta let me in, hey, hey, hey. Let the fun begin, hey.” – What kind of fun are we talking about? It’s apparently happening in a treehouse.

“I’ll huff, I’ll puff. I’ll huff, I’ll puff I’ll blow you away.” – Am I the only one imagining some third base action here?

What do you guys think? Is my mind just in the gutter?

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