When Old Women Date Young Men

To be fair, I decided to play devil’s advocate and add a sequel to my last post about old dudes who dated teenage girls. We can’t judge only the guys and not the gals. So I present to you, grown women who date younger men. It’s cougar time.

Demi Moore

Obviously I had to add Demi. She started dating Ashton Kutcher when she was 41 and he was 25. Basically if she was on 16 & Pregnant, she could have been Ashton’s mother. They got married in 2005. And hey, I’ll give them some props. They lasted a lot longer than most people expected – 6 years. And for a while there they were a big happy family with Demi’s 3 daughters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah and ex-hubby Bruce Willis. Then Ashton cheated and got caught. Demi filed for divorce in November 2011. Ugh, men.

Sam Taylor-Wood

You might be thinking who? But this lady is a British director who’s engaged to actor Aaron Johnson. You might know Aaron from films like Kick-Ass, Albert Noobs, and he’s going to be in a movie with Taylor Kitsch, Savages. She’s 45 and he’s 21. It’s crazy. They met on the set of Nowhere Boy, where Aaron played John Lennon and she directed. Let’s talk about how he’s 7 years older than her 15-year-old daughter. Oh and did I mention that they already have two daughters together? Yup, one was born in 2010 and the other was born earlier year. He claims he’s an old soul and she’s a young soul. Okay…

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s been making headlines lately because she’s dating dancer Casper Smart (Cris Judd 2.0?) She’s 42 and he’s 25. In fact, he just turned 25 and sugar mama J.Lo got him a Dodge Ram truck for his birthday (what, no Escalade?). Even her longtime manager Benny Medina called her out on the cougar shenanigans. Is this dude going to be hubby no. 4?

Susan Sarandon

I love Susan Sarandon. She knows how to work it and she’s pretty betchy. But I really think she was one of the first Hollywood ladies to get on the train to Cougartown. She started dating Tim Robbins back in 1988. She was 42 and he was 30. They were together for about 21 years until they broke up in 2009. Now, I gotta say I was pretty shocked when they broke up. I thought they were going strong like Goldie and Kurt or Rita and Tom. Now Susan is free to be Hollywood’s most eligible cougar. And don’t worry, the phrase doesn’t offend her. She’s said she loves being called that!

Selena Gomez

I know what you’re thinking, “Uhhh Selena Gomez is still a teenager.” But hey, she’s almost 20 and Justin Bieber just turned 18. Even a one year age difference when you’re a teenager is a big deal. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have been able to date a 17 year old when I was 19. That would have just been ew. Plus, he wasn’t even legal when they started dating!

Delta Goodrem

Delta, who’s an Australian popstar, dated Nick Jonas for about 9 months. She was 26, he was 18. I guess that purity ring is long gone.

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