Ah, rugrats. Where to begin with my love for this 90s show? This show followed around some tikes: Tommy (always in that diaper!), his bestie Chuckie, twins Phil n’ Lil, and Tommy’s cousin, Angelica. (Later additions included neighbor and girl Angelica’s age, Suzie, Chuckie’s new stepsister Kimi, and Tommy’s brother, Dil.)

Basically, this show was two-for-one, as there was always two “episodes” in one episode block. Tommy was super-adventurous, Chuckie was scared of his own shadow, Phil and Lil were pretty much disgusting, and Angelica was manipulative and had a true love/obsession with cookies. (My mother used to call me the cookiemonster, so in this respect, I have a lot in common with Angelica, especially when she has that meltdown after abstaining from cookies.) They always got into mischief and Angelica was pretty much terrible to the babies and yeah, it really spoke to my childhood (and apparently others, as it’s the longest running Nick cartoon.)

I learned a lot from this show. One, I learned what borscht was (Tommy’s granparents were Russian and Jewish.) Two, I learned about being a friend. Did Tommy make fun of Chuckie when his bug died and he wanted to give it a proper funeral? NO. He gave the effin eulogy. Three, I learned about heartbreak. Remember when Angelica falls in love with that biker kid, only to be dumped when he says he loves his mom, not her? Yeah, harsh.

Two characters that also made this show: Reptar, the TV dinosaur character that the babies are obsessed with, and Cynthia, Angelica’s Barbie-like doll. Honestly, I would have watched a spin-off of Cynthia. I already have the theme song. Bam:

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