Ring Pops

Gems that probably contributed to my trips to the dentist

Who didn’t love ring pops as a child? It was candy AND it was a fashion statement. I can just picture myself all blinged out with my ring pops on my fingers and my tongue red or blue from the candy. Can I be five years old again?

Sometimes they were two-toned and other times they were just one flavor. It didn’t really matter because they were the prettiest candies I’d ever seen. Did you ever shine them in the light? Almost like real jewels, I tell ya. My favorite was always the strawberry kindr. Less conspicuous on your tongue than the blue one, but still tasty nonetheless. Plus, I was a really girly girl when I was little so blue was always for boys. And can we just talk about the convenience of ring pops? No more getting tired of holding your lollipop in your hand — all you had to do was just slide it on your ring finger (obviously it was an engagement ring) and go about your playtime.

Why don’t they make stuff like this anymore? And why isn’t it acceptable for twenty-somethings to just be carrying ring pops around for a snack? Let’s bring it back, please?

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