Friday Fashion Flashback: Puka Shell Necklaces

Oh, lordy lordy. Puka shell necklaces. These things were EVERYWHERE, and were super-popular when I was in middle school (some people wore them into high school. For shame.)

The scary thing was this wasn’t just a look for girls. Oh, no. Guys got in this action as well. Which, like, was not cute (I’m not into guys wearing jewelry, especially oceanic-themed).

Look, I grew up in Indiana. The land of corn and NASCAR. The closest thing we had to a tropical beach was Lake Michigan. You’ve never seen the ocean, dude. Stop pretending. You know you picked that up from Aeropostale in the mall. Just, no.

I gotta admit though, I did look damn good when I wore one to my seventh grade dance. So, I don’t really know where that leaves us. Puka shells, you fill me with conflicting thoughts. Basically: If you aren’t Hawaiian, or don’t live near an ocean, please just don’t wear them. Okay?

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