S/S Saturday Selects: Best Disney Princess Movie

We’re girls. We grew up in the 90s. Ipso facto, we devoured disney princess movies like they were candy. Here, our favorite Disney princess movie:

Sam’s Pick: Beauty and the Beast

When I was little, I wanted to BE Belle. She was the prettiest, coolest and most amazing of the Princesses. Why? Well let’s see:

1) She read a lot, just like me! We were nerds and it was celebrated! (Full disclosure: I still dream of having a bookcase with a ladder, and I intend on fulfilling this dream.)

2) She knew Gaston was gross, even though he had tons of muscles. She wasn’t fooled — he was stupid, and girls should hold out for guys with some brains.

3) She values her family! She saves her dad from the beast cause she knows he’ll die if he stays there. Ugh, heartbreaking.

4) She wore blue. I loved the color blue.

5) We all remember that gold dress, right? Yeah, that sucker was BEAUTIFUL. I thought it was going to be my wedding dress. I am not kidding. I also made my mom spend like sixty bucks on a costume that had a hoop skirt for Halloween, because it was the closest thing I could find to Belle’s dress, after I promised I’d wear it at least twice for Halloween. (I danced around in my room to Tale as Old as Time. It was magical.)

But honestly, this movie was the best in terms of lessons for young girls (well, except that whole hostage thing.) It celebrated being yourself! It celebrated literacy! It celebrated inner beauty and kindness! Honestly, that pretty much rules. (The tunes weren’t bad either.)

Sarah’s Pick: Mulan

Okay, okay. I know she isn’t a princess. But can you please let me have my moment? This is the only Chinese Disney heroine we’re talking about. So I’m gonna say she’s my fave girl. She was my role model. I had everything Mulan growing up — the doll, a Mulan movie party when it premiered, the costume, etc. I was obsessed.

Unlike some other Disney princesses (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White), Mulan didn’t need a man to do her dirty work. She took care of her own business. She was badass. First, she disguises herself and enters the army because she doesn’t want her elderly dad to fight (she’s loyal, duh!). Pretty darn brave. Then she trains to be a kickass warrior (cue “I’ll Make a Man Out of You“). Then she saves everyone’s butts by warning them about the Huns and does some intense fighting on the roof. The bad guys are defeated and everyone realizes how awesome Mulan is even though she’s a girl. Breaking that glass ceiling one Hun at time. Oh yeah and she got the hottie at the end.

Plus, who can forget the awesome soundtrack? “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera. “True to Your Heart” with 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder (um, best combo ever). “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” with Donny Osmond. AMAZING.

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