I’ve said this a lot before: I didn’t have cable growing up. I think my parents thought it was a distraction or they were too cheap to pay for it. Not having cable really affects your childhood experiences. You can’t go home from school and watch Doug or Hey Arnold or Rugrats everyday (although when I used to go to my cousin’s house after school I sat in front of the TV for hours watching Nickelodeon and Disney Channel). So what kind of TV did a have to look forward to after school? Well, it was either the news, some infomercials, Oprah or PBS. Well since I was too young to find Oprah compelling at 10 years old, I tuned into PBS and watched Zoom.

Zoom was pretty wholesome and I so wanted to be a Zoomer. If only I lived in Boston, MA 0-2-1-3-4 (cue song) then I could have been on the show. They made crafts, conducted science experiments and cooked. They danced and told jokes. They solved problems and talked about issues like keeping the earth clean and racism. I remember I did a bunch of crafts and made recipes from the show — let’s just say they did not turn out the way they did on the show and my parents were pretty annoyed at me.

My favorite Zoomers were Zoe (she went to NYU!), Jared (RIP!), Kenny (I had a crush on him and when I recently Googled him, I found out that he’s 28. um what.), Keiko and Caroline. Where are they now? Seriously, Vh-1 or E! has to do a special on that.

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