Friday Fashion Flashback: Stick-On Earrings

I got my ears pierced before I even turned one, so I don’t even know why I was fascinated with stick on earrings. For some reason I was obsessed with them. Maybe it was that my mom insisted I had “sensitive ears” so I could only get the boring earrings and not the cool colorful ones. I only wore gold or silver studs. That was it. Yawn.

But I loved wearing stick-on earrings when it was time to play dress up. They were colorful, came in tons of shapes and had sparkles. I’m a sucker for sparkles. I exclusively wore the circle ones (if the came in pink or purple) or the heart or stars. I refused to wear the other shapes. But now looking back, what was the point of wearing stickers that were poser earrings? You know they’re fake. Everyone knows they’re fake. And they came off all the time. No adhesive whatsoever. You were better off with clip-on earrings (which I also liked wearing, too).

Do they even make stick-on earrings anymore? Or did they go to the place where crazy fashion jewelry (tattoo chokers, slap bracelets, etc.) go to die?

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One thought on “Friday Fashion Flashback: Stick-On Earrings

  1. lindsay says:

    it’s so funny reading about your obsession with stick on earrings because i was the same exact way! we had this thing at school every year around christmastime called santa’s secret shop where you can buy little cheap gifts for your friends and family and EVERYBODY knew how much i loved stick on stones (that’s what they were called then) and got them for me. i even got them for myself alot of the time! as far as if theyr’e still around or not, i actually have seen them at amazon (theyr’e more than likely on ebay too) i’ve even thought about getting some for nostalgia’s sake. LOL

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