S/S Saturday Selects: Girl Groups We Wish Would Make a Comeback

The late 90s/early 2000s were filled with awesome girl groups, mostly of the pop and R&B variety. Here we pick the ones we wish would make a comeback:

"blowin up my pager say you want a chance, listen when I say player please"

Sam’s Pick: 3LW

Okay, first, if I’m being completely honest my first pick would be Dream, but considering I just wrote about them, I thought it would be fair to reminisce/talk about another group that was definitely in rotation: 3LW.

Baby I’mma Do Right was my Jam. Playas gon play? Yeah, that was my jam too. Basically, everything was right with the world until they got rid of the one girl and decided to join Raven Symone and some other chick in a Disney movie/girl group: The Cheetah Girls. WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!

Let’s get some more great lines, like “here go a quarter go call Tyrone” and we’ll be set, okay guys? Thanks.

Sarah’s Pick: Nobody’s Angel

You’re probably thinking, “Who?” That’s okay. They only had one hit song, “If You Wanna Dance.” If you listen to it, I guarantee you’ll go, “Ohhh, that song!”

I was really stumped when I was thinking of girl groups that I want to make a comeback then I remembered that song and had to Wikipedia them. After I found this little nugget of information I knew they had to be my pick: Jennie Kwan (a.k.a Sam from California Dreams) replaced one of the original members of the band! Um, Sam was in a real life band? Crazy.

Anyways, they were in a couple of Disney soundtracks here and there (The Parent Trap, 101 Dalmatians, and The Princess Diaries) so I guess they were pretty legit. Can they reunite and can Jennie Kwan bring her other California Dreams friends too, please?

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