Friday Fashion Flashback: Butterfly Hairclips


Butterflies. Near the end of the 90s, these winged creatures really hit their stride. They were on purses, shirts, and most importantly — they were made into mini hair clips to make us pre-teens look beautiful.

Some people just clipped their hair on the side. Or used them around a ballerine-esque bun. That was for amateurs. The best way to use the clips? To take tiny sections of your hair in the front, and twist them back towards the crown of your head, securing them with a clip. In essence? Thin cornrows.

Sure, you might have baby-hair in the front that you might want to slick back with some LA Looks hair gel. And yeah, if you twisted too-tightly you might get a headache and your scalp might itch. And okay, granted, sometimes your clip would get knocked out of place and you’d have to hurry to the bathroom to fix it. BUT HEY! That’s a small price for looking good, am I right?

The best place to grab these was Claire’s. Usually they came in assorted colors. My favorites were these purples ones that had glitter on them, you know, for special occasions. The most important thing was making sure all your clips lined up perfectly on your head. One twist couldn’t be shorter than another. C’mon, that’d look pretty stupid.

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