S/S Saturday Selects: Favorite Amanda Bynes Movie

What is going on with Amanda Bynes these days? First she quit acting and then un-quit acting. Then she gets a DUI and has terrible pink (or was it lavender?) hair in her mugshot. This is a cry for help and she better not turn into Lindsay Lohan. Here, we reminisce about how great her movies were.

Sarah’s Pick: What a Girl Wants

This movie was her big jump from Nickelodeon to more mainstream stuff. I LOVED this movie. I still do. I can watch it anytime, anywhere and over and over again. I think my friend and I watched this movie about 5 times in one day (we just fast-forwarded to all our fave parts). I love her clothes in it, her boy and the fact that it’s set in London (hello, true Anglophile here).

What’s not to love about this movie? Cool chick runs off to London to find her dad, who’s played by Colin Firth. I’m a little confused about Colin’s appearance in this movie. Not that I don’t like him, in fact, he’s one of my favorite actors. But how did he end up in a teen comedy? Was he hard up for cash that year? Anyways, Amanda’s character runs away to find her long lost father and meets a cute musician along the way. She stays with her rich dad and gets introduced to society. She doesn’t belong at first and drama unfolds. It has all the making of a classic Amanda Bynes movie — slapstick comedy, cute boy, quirky and a little bit wild girl and of course, being true to yourself.

I really want to watch this movie right now.

Sam’s Pick: She’s The Man

Do you like cheese? Um, yes Channing Tatum I do.

Lost yet? This was my favorite Amanda Bynes movie (not that there’s that many to choose from, but we did all see Big Fat Liar, right? Oh Frankie Muniz…) Anyway, off-topic. Essentially, this is the new take on Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night, where Bynes pretends to be her brother to get on another school’s boys soccer team so she can beat her old school’s boys soccer team and prove that she is awesome and they’re sexist pigs.

During her stint at this new school, she falls in love with her roomie (duh, he’s Channing Tatum), gets crushed on by the most popular girl in school, and has to deal with her brother getting back from London just a tad sooner than she had planned. Not that Bynes is particularly believable as a dude, but her face expressions coupled with some amazing lines/dialogue (“Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours”) make this movie a winner in my book. (me and my friends may still quote it from time to time.)

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