For those not familiar, please watch:

This show was my OBSESSION back in the day. Full disclosure: It ran on Sundays right before sunday school. To get there on time, my sister and I would need to leave before it ended. Naturally, I would always be late. Okay, okay, sometimes I even skipped. (Hey, God forgives, right?)

It followed a bunch of kids in Brooklyn who solved mini-mysteries with the help of a ghost, who scrambled words and letters that were available (in books, on t-shirts, kitchen magnets) to spell out clues. This show was great for several reasons:

1) It was so diverse! Do you see these kids? It finally felt like real life. (Well, a bit more urban, but I’ll take it.)

2) It involved a GHOST! Like, if you didn’t get it before I’ll say it again: I was way into paranormal stuff. And this was a literacy-promoting ghost! How awesome.

3) There’s an episode where Julia Stiles plays a badass-hacker who chews a lot of gum (her downfall to the GW crew. They can sniff out clues, Julia!).

4) The girl who plays “Lenni” has the real-life name of Blaze. BLAZE! Like, when that street sign flashed her name every Sunday I would always secretly wish I was named that. It sounds like a ninja, doesn’t it?

5.) Honestly, who DIDN’T have a crush on Alejandro “Alex” Fernandez? SO DREAMY!

This show was just fantastic. I think this may have subconsciously influenced my early-in-life decision to move to NYC.  Was anyone else obsessed with this show?

P.S. I found this video on YouTube and had to share. GAGA, I TOTALLY GET IT!

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