We need to talk about Bieber’s new music video. Wow, we’ve come a long way from that bowling alley in the “Baby” music vid. Now, he’s rolling up in a sweet ride with some Ray-Bans on. Doing the dougie with his really fancy gold chain bracelet. Dancing suggestively with a girl who isn’t Selena (damn, wouldn’t that have been so good if she made a cameo?). Pretty sure the love interest in this music video has at least two years or more on the Biebs. And I really enjoy that everyone’s comparing it the N*SYNC “Girlfriend” video. What a classic.

He’s just so grown up in this video. I don’t know if I should feel uncomfortable or have a mini crush on him. But I’m gonna be real here and say that he can play guitar for me on a rooftop packed with tricked out cars and people who could be from America’s Best Dance Crew anytime. I am def a Belieber.

My only complaints? We need more sweet dance moves. And Selena needs to be your love interest for the next music video. Also, maybe you could get the original Justin (Timberlake) to make an appearance too?

Say hello to falsetto in 3, 2….

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