Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are you afraid of the dark, aka one of my favorite shows growing up (do you get that I watched a lot of TV?), was just the best. It satiated my hunger for weird, creepy things and cool, (sometimes history-filled) stories. I always loved trying to figure out the story before they finally told you what was up. Here, a top 5 list of my favorite episodes:

1) The “I’M COLD” episode where the ghost boy just like, really needs his sweater. They find it in a log. Rest in peace (and warmth), dude.

2) The prank caller episode, where two prank callers are hunted down by a group erasing the identities of those who don’t respect others, and like, telephone etiquette.

3) That time the girl finds out her best friend — who had disappeared mysteriously a while back (whomp) — has been turned into a doll and is living in a dollhouse. (“I knew she looked familiar…”)

4) That time that teen falls in love with a mysterious girl, only to find out she’s a ghost from the 50s who actually died when her car drove off the bridge and is still in love with her dead boyfriend. (Tough luck, man!)

5) That episode where some girls are in a library and have to outrun a ghost librarian who somehow kills her victims by removing sound?? (Not sure how that works).

Oh, and remember that one where the girl is nice to the older nanny who doesn’t talk much at her aunt’s? And then her bitchy cousin leaves her in the abandoned house next door as like, an initiation prank or something and the walls are completely written on and then she figures out that it’s saying HELPME backwards so that she can read it in the mirror and ugh, like DUH Nanny is her mother and they go live in happy mirror world and what?!

Those writers were smoking something, but as kids we loved it! Also, I just found out that there are DVDs, which will obviously be my next purchase. Unless someone wants to buy them for me. (Please?)

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