Friday Fashion Flashback: L.A. Lights Sneakers

I sadly could not find a photo of my pink shoes.

Of course I had a pair of light-up sneakers. Who didn’t? I liked things flashy and I liked to walk down the mean streets of Pasadena, California (Rose Bowl, holla) lighting everything up. Everyone had to know I was arriving by those bright red lights, right? It was cool.

The original light-up shoes were L.A. Lights. All the rest were posers. I had a pair of pink ones that I would only bring out for special occasions. God forbid they get scuffed up. Mine had glittery shoelaces on it. I loved them so much. I would stomp around everywhere I went testing out the lights and being entranced by them. Did I mention as a child (and this might also extend to my adult life) I was easily distracted by shiny, bright and glittery things?

Can we please make L.A. Gear cool again? I want a new pair of light-up sneakers. I think I would especially enjoy wearing them in movie theaters, around my apartment with the lights off or maybe in a dark club.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Flashback: L.A. Lights Sneakers

  1. Simon Patino says:

    homie i have 3 pairs of LA Lights and im just looking for the ones you have here posted. Any idea where i can find them? please reply 🙂

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