S/S Saturday Selects: What Emma Would We Want to Be Friends With?

There’s so many Emmas in Hollywood nowadays. I can think of three off the top of my head: Emma Roberts, Emma Watson and Emma Stone. So, naturally, we want to play the bestie game. BOOM:

Sam’s Pick: Emma Roberts

While Emma Stone is hilarious and Emma Stone looks like an ethereal fairy, I think Emma Roberts would be my choice for BFF. I’m basing this solely off of her choice of roles and social media, obviously, but here’s three solid reasons why she would make the best mate (using that solely in the Australian lingo, as in friend, folks).

1) She dated Alex Pettyfer and is dating Chord Overstreet. Like, girls got good taste (and yes, I know Alex is like, a terrible human being or something, but he’s still man candy, okay?).

2) She’s got a good head on her shoulders: she’s really tried to get away from being “Julia Roberts’ niece” and has done some indie stuff as well as some mainstream stuff. Range!

3) This tweet pretty much seals the deal: @RobertsEmma Are there really people who exist who feel good after the gym? Trying to be like that but usually I need a nap and a pizza afterward.


Sarah’s Pick: Emma Stone

It’s a little embarrassing how much I gush about Emma Stone to my real-life friends. Sam has definitely been there for a couple of Emma-worshipping convos. I really do think me, Emma and Jennifer Lawrence (girl crush #2) would be the three best friends that anybody could have.

What’s not to love about Emma Stone? She’s gorgeous (for reference: Vanity Fair August 2011, Teen Vogue September 2011 and all of her Revlon ads). She’s really freakin’ funny and has the biggest mouth ever (I myself have a very large mouth and like to talk A LOT). She’s a good actress. I want her wardrobe. Her boyfriend Andrew Garfield is pretty dreamy. I mean, the list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing, with real-life friends, you’re happy and proud of their accomplishments. You want them to do well in life. You aren’t really jealous of them (sometimes). Well guess what? I’m really happy for Emma Stone and I’m not jealous of her at all. I want her to have a hot boyfriend and a bunch of awesome movie roles. I’m glad she got to kiss Ryan Gosling and be the Baby to his Johnny in Crazy Stupid Love. I feel the same way about Emma’s accomplishments as I do with my other friends’ accomplishments. Sure, my friends’ achievements may not be on par with Emma’s. It wouldn’t be like “I’m so proud of you for presenting at the Academy Awards,” but more like “I’m really proud that you paid your rent this month and didn’t max out your credit card.” But still, being proud of something is essentially the same feeling right?

That means we’re one step closer to being real friends, Emma. I just have to meet your first. And hopefully you aren’t too creeped out by me after reading this. Call me?

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