Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

I was obsessed with that show and Melissa Joan Hart when I was younger. I still love it, I have the first season on DVD. She was so cool — all she had to do was point her finger and BAM! she got whatever she wanted. She had a cute bf (Harvey all the way, all those other boyfriends in the later years didn’t compare). She had awesome clothes. She got to meet celebs like NSYNC, Britney, Backstreet Boys, etc. She had two cool aunts. I mean the list goes on and on, she had a pretty charmed life. Okay, so she did run into some trouble from time to time: she had to take a bunch of tests to get her witch’s license, she had a black cat (this was okay for her, but since I absolutely hate cats this would be torture), she had a midget who was mildly obsessed with her for a couple of episodes and she was bullied by the popular girl (ugh, Libby). But Sabrina still managed to figure out everything in the end.

I was glued to my TV every Friday night to watch Sabrina. My best friend would tape the episodes and we would watch them over and over again at her house. And yes, it got really weird in the later episodes when Sabrina went to college (cast additions like Soleil Moon Frye! Blossom’s boyfriend? The girl from Clueless?). But let’s forget about those seasons and think about the good ones. Here’s my top 5:

1. Soap Opera episode: Aunt Hilda opens up a magical can of worms and turns Sabrina’s life into a soap opera. Harvey gets amnesia. Libby tricks him into thinking she’s his girlfriend. Sabrina gets framed for a crime. This is my absolute favorite episode.

2. The one where Sabrina goes to Mars. I thought it was so cool that she could travel to Mars for a skiing trip. She misses Harvey but then forgets about him when she meets her cute skiing instructor. She goes on a picnic date with him. But don’t worry, she remembers her one true love Harvey in the end.

3. Sabrina, Harvey and Valerie start a band. Sabrina makes her friends drink a special soda that gives them a lot of talent and they compete in the battle fo the bands. Too cool.

4. Sabrina goes to Paris. This is the one where Britney makes a guest appearance (circa Drive Me Crazy movie). She wears that really cool outfit of white pants and the hot pink cropped top. Classic Britney.

5. The one where Hilda and Zelda create the perfect boy. Sabrina doesn’t have a date to the dance so her aunts make a perfect boy for her from dough (it turns out to be Brian Austin Green). This episode gave me a false sense of hope that I could create the perfect man.

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