Gilmore Girls

Where you lead, I will follow…

I’m going to be honest: this might not be the only Gilmore Girls post you’ll see on this blog. You see, I have a slight (totally healthy, though) obsession with GG. (And no, I don’t mean Gossip Girl, ugh.) So, writing about this show in one post is damn near impossible. That being said…

Gilmore Girls: Life’s Short, Talk Fast. The tagline is pretty spot-on, and was one of my favorite things about this show. Other viewers claimed that it wasn’t close to real-life dialogue or some bullshit, but like, when did shows have to be true-to-life? That shit’s boring. (Also, I talk really fast when I’m excited, angry, happy, or sad — aka all the time, so this show made me feel slightly-less neurotic).

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) is daughter to Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham). Lorelai’s real young cause she had Rory at 16. She was rich, but then like, ran-away because of the whole having-a-kid thing, and at the beginning of the series the grandma and grandpa come back into Rory’s life, to pay for her to go to a fancy-schmancy school (Rory’s rull smart). Lorelai runs an inn in a small-town called Stars Hollow in Connecticut, near Hartford (where the grandparents live/Lorelai grew up/Rory’s new school is).

There’s amazing characters, including Sookie, the chef at the inn, played by Melissa McCarthy, and Luke, owner of the hangout Luke’s Diner, played by Scott Patterson. There’s also Lane, Rory’s BFF and a hipster-Korean living in a really strict, religious household that forces her to keep all her CDs (ah, CDs, remember those?) under her floorboards.

I own all seven seasons. And sometimes, for fun, I like to ask people who their favorite boyfriend was of Rory’s. I really feel like this says a lot about a person’s character, from several standpoints: a) they would need to have seen all seasons to know the boyfriends b) there are three solid options, but sometimes people respond with a curveball, like, oh well, I really wish she would have given Marty a chance or like, I kind of wish Tristan lasted, and you’re like holy shit son, that’s awesome and b) the correct answer is Jess. Yes, I know what I just wrote, and there is a correct answer, so, sorry guys.

Anyway, please watch and tell me you don’t love it. (ACTUALLY TELL ME THAT AND I WILL HURT YOU. So, don’t.)

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2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls

  1. Sara Katherine says:

    I love GG! Dean is trash. I love Jess but I have an absolute crush on Logan!

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