For some reason, I’ve had this Mandy Moore song stuck in my head for the past week. Who doesn’t remember this song? She was like 15 when this song came out. Of course, by this time in 1999, the world was already saturated with pop singers like Britney, Christina, Jessica, etc. Poor Mandy. She did well for herself, though. She starred in a couple movies (A Walk to Remember and my all-time fave, Chasing Liberty). She dated some fellow celebs: Wilmer Valderrama (yuck), Andy Roddick (cute!), Zach Braff (love!), DJ AM (RIP). Now, she’s married (say what!) to Ryan Adams. Listening to Candy has made me realize how underrated Mandy Moore the pop star was back then (well, she was underrated to me because I was just so caught up in loving Brit Brit).

Just a few observations from the video:

-If she’s 15 in this music video, how can she be driving that sweet VW apple green bug (classic 1999 car)?

-The crazy hair and the super cool walkman? I probably imitated that outfit several times throughout 1999.

-Note the sassy ribbon on her arm when she’s wearing the red tank.

-Of course her crush is a Sk8r boi. Of course. Do you ever wonder what happened to these “love interests” in music videos? There needs to be a special on E! or something specifically about this.

-She’s not a really good dancer, is she? Sorry, Mandy.

-That is one tricked out scooter, dude.

Love always, Mandy.

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