Friday Fashion Flashback: Midriff Tops

I was into midriff tops, or crop tops, thanks to a certain pop singer named Britney Spears. (You might have heard of her?) Then JLo and Christina Aguilera and a slew of other popstars also showed off their tummies, so of course, I wanted to too! Anyways, I remember my mom telling me that it was a “cute look” which was not, I later learned, a try for reverse psychology. She really did think they were cute. Might be having to do with the fact that I was in sixth grade, so like, I guess it kind of was? Anyway, I rocked it in both a pink and purple number, usually with some jean shorts from LEI.

Now, the midriff top is back, with stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus sporting the look. That’s cool, guys, except now I really feel like I need to start hitting the gym more. My midriff isn’t the same size as when I was eleven.

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