S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Britney Spears Music Video

Guys, did you know that Britney made 32 music videos? Dang, gurl, that’s a lot of dancing, writhing and lip-syncing. This week we’re talking about our fave Britney video.

Sarah’s Pick: Stronger

This one was really hard. Britney just makes epic music videos (honorable mentions for me include Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy, Toxic, Circus and 3). But I gotta go with Stronger. Solely based on the fact that she looks AMAZING dancing on that chair. That was epic. That’s pure talent right there. Say what you want about Britney’s voice or whatever, but girl could dance. That ain’t no body double. She’s jumping off the chair, getting back on it, standing on the back of it, it’s perfect.  She’s also so sassy in the beginning of the video when she sees her boyfriend (ex?) out with another girl: “Whatever.” Go Brit.

The Stronger era was definitely around Britney’s prime. Look at those abs! Her belly button ring! She was 18 or 19 around the time she made that video. Um, what. I didn’t even look like that when I was that age. You have to watch the MTV Making the Video episode for Stronger where she rehearses the chair dance and falls and she’s just so silly in this video. I love her.

Fun fact, one time while getting ready for Friday night festivities, I watched the music video while I was getting ready. Then I watched it again and again and again. I almost didn’t make it out that night because I was entranced.

Sam’s Pick: I’m a Slave 4 U

Like Sarah said, picking just one video was really difficult. I love Britney, and two of my favorites include Toxic and Womanizer (I guess I really love Britney in wigs). I also really loved Drive Me Crazy, and who could forget the catholic outfit that had a million guys creepin: Baby One More Time?

Anyway, when it came down to it, I had to go with I’m a Slave 4 U. First off, this video is HOT. Literally, too, because everyone is super-sweaty. The dancing is ON POINT and I really wanted that pink top. Everything was just super-sultry.

This was also a MTV Making the Video special, and she performed it at the 2001 MTV Music Awards, carrying around a snake on her shoulders. Yes, a SNAKE. Things got mad exotic, y’all.

Honestly, you can’t tell me this wasn’t Britney at her best.

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