Teddy Ruxpin

Can we talk about Teddy Ruxpin for a second? Now, I’m not one to love stuffed animals (baby dolls and Barbies were really my toys of choice), but man did I love this bear. My sister had one first, and I loved it so much that my parents caved and got me my own (well, also, the tapes were getting effed on the first one. Also, it may have been my grandparents who got the second one. In any case, I got one for myself. This is really the main takeaway here.)

Teddy Ruxpin is “the world’s first animated talking toy.” It would move its eyes and mouth to “tell” stories. You would load its back with a cassette tape, and he would talk and you would follow along in a book. It was, in a word, awesome.

I guess later on, Hasbro bought it out and replaced cassettes with these things that kind of looked like 8-tracks. Then some other company bought it and brought it back in the late 90s, then some other company brought it back around 2005 and then stopped producing it. I’m going to go ahead and call that some other company is going to bring it back in like, 2020. WHO’S IN ON THIS?

Anyway, to give you a little insight into the version of the toy bear I played with, here’s the original commercial and ORIGINAL Teddy Ruxpin.

Also, Teddy Ruxpin had some friends, one of which was named Grubby. Grubby was an orange octopede. There was apparently also a cartoon based on Teddy Ruxpin and his bestie, but it aired before I was born. I did have the plastic toys that went along with this. Here’s what they looked like:

Who else remembers this toy? (Also, are you getting that I really just loved books?).

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