Wild & Crazy Kids

This Nickelodeon show aired from 1990 – 1992, and basically involved groups of kids (who were wild & crazy) to compete in physical challenges. They wore different colored shirts and were led by one of three hosts: Donnie Jeffcoat, Omar Gooding, and a girl (one season it was Annette Chavez, the other it was redhead Jessica Gaynes).

While I did love Omar, and Jessica rocked some awesome bangs (sorry Annette), Donnie was my favorite host. It could be because he was dreamy. I mean, take a look:

sharp dresser

(Did I mention I never went through a “boys have cooties” phase?).

Anyway, he later became like a legit actor, but he’ll always have a place in my heart as a Nick host.

Here’s the season one intro, enjoy:

Sidenote: I was in the Kappa Delta (KD) sorority, and for a solid, straight year I tried to get them to make Wild & Crazy KDs shirts. They never went for it. KD SISTERS, GET ON IT.

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