Anybody remember this reality show in the 2000s? It was banking on the huge popularity of Survivor and it had kind of the same format, but it was for teens. These kids get dropped off in a remote location, have to compete in a challenge to stay in the actual competition, and get put into boy-girl teams. At every episode there’s one mission where each team has a chance of winning a Samadhi which they can give to another team to weaken them. Then the teams compete in a temple mission and the winning team gets to choose who goes to the elimination round. The teams that are selected go to the Temple of Fate where they play a rock, paper, scissors game but instead it’s wood, water and fire. The team that wins two out of three rounds gets to stay. The losing team gets to give their pyramid pieces to the team of their choice (in Season 1 it used to go to the winner of the mission in the next episode). In order to win, one team needs all the pieces. The winners get to go on an amazing vacation with their families (this I find hilarious, but these were teenagers so adult supervision was needed).

The premise was pretty simple and nothing really new. But the best part was the teen drama. It was like DegrassiĀ meets Survivor meets Real World, if you catch my drift. There was a lot of backstabbing, fake and real relationships, unrequited crushes, popularity contests, etc. It was so entertaining.

Fun fact: if you go on Wikipedia you can find out where some of the cast members are today. The girl that won the first season was on Real World: Cancun, The Challenge: Rivals, some other reality show on TruTV and in a LMFAO music video. Another kid from the first season was on an episode of Intervention where he was battling an addiction to bath salts because of his stage mother. Some of the other contestants in other seasons had bit parts on TV shows and movies and one even appeared on American Juniors.

After reading all of that, I came to the conclusion that Endurance was actually Mickey Mouse Club meets Survivor. It was a breeding ground for wannabe child stars. Now I’m questioning every thing on the show? Did they really have to sleep in those huts? Did they ever have to hunt for their own food or were craft services around the corner?

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