Friday Fashion Flashback: Toe Rings

Sorry for posting a photo of feet. They skeeve me out too. Unless you have a foot fetish, feet are not pretty. So why were we showing them off with toe rings? I don’t understand why everyone felt the need to put jewelry on their gross feet, but we did. Yes, I was a big fan of the toe ring when I was a pre-teen. Apparently I thought it really pulled my look together.

I normally put them on my middle toe or the one right next to me big toe (I don’t even know what that’s called). I had a few toe rings, but most of them were silver, had some sort of flower design and a gem and were from Claire’s. I wore them with my platform flip flops all over the place and of course, I wore them with an anklet (that’s for another post). Remember those exotic ones that were attached to an anklet?


Do people still wear toe rings anymore? I was Googling toe rings and I saw that Jennifer Aniston wore one on the red carpet a few years ago. I really don’t know if I can get behind this trend if it every becomes popular again. But I guess you can never say never.

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