S/S Saturday Selects: The 90s Toy We Hated

As kids, we loved toys. But there were some we also despised. Here are our picks for the WORST 90s toy.

Sam’s pick: Furby 

Honestly, could toys get any creepier? This could stem from the fact that these toys look like Gremlins-come-to-life, but it was a bit more than that (even though, I think that’s reason enough). First, they sensed when you were around. Second, their eyes made this weird robotic sound when they opened. And third, they started out with their own language and could “communicate” with other furbies. UM, GET OUT OF MY ROOM.

Seriously, I was not a fan. I know they sparked like this craze and people paid mad money to get these, but I call those people suckers. Honestly, give me my Teddy Ruxpin that tells me cool stories as opposed to these demon creatures that look like effing monsters under my bed. Seriously, no thanks.

Sarah’s pick: Skip It 

Yeah, you read that right. I was not a fan of the Skip It. It might be beloved to most, but for me, I just didn’t know how to use one properly. Therefore, I was frustrated and hated the stupid toy. When I was little (and this probably goes for my adult life too), I didn’t have good hand-eye coordination. I didn’t really like playing outside all that much (Barbies and Polly Pockets indoors was my ideal playtime). I wasn’t very physical and I hated sports. So you see why a Skip It and I wouldn’t be the perfect match.

And before you say that I didn’t give it enough tries. I DID. I really wanted to like Skip Its. They came in cool colors and had a cool theme song “Skip It, Skip It…” I just couldn’t do it and when I tried I would bruise my legs and feet because that damn counter thing/ball would end up hitting me a ton of times. Also, if you’re smart and are putting two and two together. Since I was terrible at Skip It, yes, I’m bad at jump rope too.

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