Dream Street

Anyone remember this sweet jam? Dream Street popped up at the end of the boy band phenomenon so maybe that’s why they weren’t really popular. Plus, they were all younger than 15, so that was kind of weird. And they were marketed towards the Radio Disney crowd, so that didn’t really help them go mainstream. They broke up in 2002 because of a legal dispute between their parents and their managers. Awkward. Maybe Dream Street could have been more popular if they were formed in 2008 – present. Hello, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Biebs? The tweens would be all over them.

But really, we have to thank Dream Street for Jesse “Beautiful Soul” McCartney. Yes, he was one of the members. We all know what he’s been up to: Summerland (with an awkward looking Zac Efron), an okay solo career, a guest-starring role on Greek and most recently, the lead role in Chernobyl Diaries. So what about the rest of the guys? Well I did some Wikipedia-ing and I found that all of them are still trying to do the music thing, one of them recently performed with Aaron Carter and one of them auditioned for Glee, and they’re all 27 years old.

Let’s just enjoy the music vid and those sweet tanks and cargo pants they’re wearing. And the dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge and on a boat. And the girl with the Nickelodeon magazine. And baby Jesse!

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