Remember these guys? They were the first band, ever, to be made on Making the Band. To be honest, I only remembered one of the guys’ names: Ashley Parker Angel, just because he tried to have a career after O-Town and had a reality show to document his journey from a teen star to a legitimate (?) singer. I also remember this because he named his child Lyric. Yes, Lyric.

Anyway, they really only had two songs that was danceable/enjoyable (sorry, fans.) One was called All or Nothing, which was a pretty awesome ballad, and their first song: Liquid Dreams, which name drops pretty much every famous female singer at the time. Smart tactic. What better way to get publicity for your song then trying to get other, more famous people to mention how flattered they were to be in a song?

Personal anecdote: I saw these guys in concert. At my local 4-H fair (MAKING IT BIG, GUYS!). It was pretty magical, though I really didn’t know all the songs like some people. Also, they pulled a girl I knew on stage to serenade her and I was FILLED with jealousy. Seriously, they didn’t see me in the bleachers? Rude. Possibly the best part of this was that a band called Youngstown opened for them. [Insert “towns” pun here.]

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One thought on “O-Town

  1. Amanda says:

    Didnt No Authority play that grand show at the 4h too? “can u get yo number baby! Hit me with those seven digits!” or maybe I’m getting the 4h awesomeness all mixed up haha

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