Jesse McCartney

Adding on to my Dream Street post, I just wanna chat about JMac for a bit. Why isn’t he more famous? And isn’t it kinda crazy that he was the cute one in Summerland and Zac Efron was the awkward one with the weird teeth?

Like I said before, he was on Summerland then he did a guest stint on Greek. I really liked Summerland (Aunt Becky! Jason from True Blood!) Plus he did pretty well for himself in his solo career with hits like Beautiful Soul, She’s No You and apparently he co-wrote Leona Lewis’ song Bleeding Love? His most recent movie was Chernobyl Diaries and besides some voice work, he’s got nothing else lined up. That is disappointing.

And let’s just talk about this music video. I discovered it last summer on a YouTube nostalgia music video watching extravaganza and ended up watching it on loop for weeks. The scantily clad girls, his fitted suit, the leather jacket. Jesse’s all grown up. Also, doesn’t he have a Leo DiCaprio vibe going on in this vid? Seriously, someone get him in some more movies or TV shows. He’s so dang cute. He and Zac should team up again.

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