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Friday Fashion Flashback: Tankinis

I understand these suckers are still in fashion, but around my middle school years, they became all the rage. (Had “tankini”, as a word, even existed before then? Not sure. UPDATE: NO, this tankinis were actually only made/marketed in the late 1990s.)

Basically, if a one piece and a bikini had a baby, this would be it. Leaving just a small band of skin around your stomach, these things were the height of fashion (and were great for those of us who were just a bit more modest at the pool.)

The worst offenders, though, would have to be the tankinis that had criss-cross straps in the back. It basically created this flap of fabric over your stomach, and your back was still entirely exposed. Talk about weird tan lines!

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Celeste and Jesse Forever

When my friend sent me this trailer, I knew I was in for something weepy. (She really likes to bum me out.) (Just kidding.) (Hi, Jaim.)

Anyway, I watched and thought to myself, if there’s one movie that could somehow physically make you weep and laugh at the same time, it would be this one. The movie stars comedic phenoms like Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, and Ari Graynor (who honestly, did an amazing job acting drunk for an entire movie during Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist), and basically yells Sam movie the entire time.

Honestly though, Rashida just seems like a rad person. Can we be friends? And I know Sarah has already professed her love for Andy, but I’m going to go on the record and say that I love him too. OKAY, SARAH?

And while I’m not sure that I can handle this in a theater (as I sniffle and pretend it’s allergies), I might have to just to see this when it comes out.

“Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?” Boom, real talk.

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The WB

Sometimes I wish The WB were still in existence and not The CW. I mean, The WB was edgy and cool and just for young people. Like no joke, it’s main target was people below the age of 30. The network had gems like Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Everwood, 7th Heaven and my all-time favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls. Also, remember sitcoms like Sister, Sister, What I Like About You and Reba? Plus, let’s not forget those forgotten shows like Grosse Pointe (a hilarious behind-the-scenes satire of a show like Beverly Hills, 90210 that was, in my opinion, cancelled way too soon), Young Americans (with Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder), Brotherly Love (guys, remember when the Lawrence brothers were heartthrobs?!) and The Mountain (with a pre-Gossip Girl Penn Badgley).

And can we talk about how many celebs got their start on The WB? Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes would be nowhere without Dawson’s Creek. Keri Russell is always going to be Felicity Porter to me. Kat Dennings got her start on Raising Dad (with Danny Tanner, ahem, Bob Saget). Jamie Foxx had his own freakin’ sitcom. Jessica Biel was Mary Camden on 7th Heaven before she got nakey in FHM. And Zac Efron could not have been more awkward (with a gap tooth) in Summerland. I could probably go on forever and ever naming shows and stars from The WB. Seriously, it’s the only channel I ever watched when I was about 11-17. It was really hard, but I rounded up my top 5 shows on The WB (frankly, it was like choosing a favorite child):

Gilmore Girls: This was obviously a no-brainer. I was and still am obsessed with this show. I wanted to be Rory, except with better clothes. I own all the DVDs. I went on The WB backlot tour in Burbank (where they filmed the show) twice. I stood on Lorelai’s yard and took a picture with that gnome, Pierpont. I have a photo outside of Luke’s diner. I still have hope that one day they’ll make a reunion movie.

Popular: This show was cancelled too soon. Created by Ryan Murphy (Glee and Nip/Tuck), the show was about, what else, popularity and cliques in high school. It’s like Gossip Girl’s older sister. Plus, it had a really catchy theme song.

Roswell: Aliens, romance and teen drama. What more could you ask for? Before angsty supernatural teen dramas like Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, there was Roswell. I have to admit, sometimes it got a little intense and even a little scary for me, but I loved it. Liz + Max 4 eva. Plus, it featured a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Katherine Heigl.

What I Like About You: Amanda Bynes at her peak. Enough said.

Felicity: There were many times throughout my college career at NYU that I stopped and asked myself, “Why isn’t my life more like Felicity’s?” I loved this show, even after she got that crazy haircut. I’m still waiting for my Ben Covington.

Also, can we just talk about the amazing promos The WB had? See above video for an example. Classic.

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Step Up Revolution AKA Step Up 4

I have a serious love affair with dance movies (and TV shows, for that matter.) I don’t know what it is — usually the acting is terrible, but no one really watches these movies for the acting, am I right?

Which is why I’m stoked to see Step Up Revolution (aka Step Up 4). Basically, it revolves around a dance crew who gets involved in a community struggle when a developer wants to essentially buy everything up. (Sandy Cohen, I thought you weren’t ever going to go corporate?!)

Anyway, the dancing looks phenom, and like something I’ll try and recreate on a regular basis. Also, the lead actor Ryan Guzman? Hi, I’m Sam.

While nothing will probably ever top Step Up (the original), this one looks solid. I pretty much hated Step Up 2, except for the fact that it starred Robert Hoffman, aka Rob from Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out who was also in She’s the Man. Oh and that it introduced us to Moose, who dominated Step Up 3.

In short, I’ll be seeing it. Who’s with me?

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Fruity Snacks

Chances are a fruit snack has been packed in your lunchbox at least once in your life. If not, what kind of childhood did you have? And I’m not talking about the healthy kind of fruit snacks, like the fruit leathers. Nope, I’m talking about the Fruit by the Foot, Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups. I’m pretty sure those had about 5% fruit and 95% sugar. But they were so good and the packaging was AWESOME. Here are my thoughts on the trifecta of fruit snacks:

Fruit by the Foot: This one’s my all-time favorite. Fruit by the Foot snacks were so fun because you’d just unravel them as you ate and on the paper they had cool jokes or fun facts. Plus, who didn’t wrap those suckers around your fingers and turn it into a pseudo-lollipop? It was hard to choose between Gushers and Fruit by the Foot, but then I thought about the Star Wars Fruit by the Foot with the green sprinkles and it was game over. They came out around when Star Wars Episode I was in theaters. They were green apple-flavored and sparkly. Nothing beats a fruity snack with sparkles.

Gushers: My second favorite. There was some kind of liquid inside them, guys! How did they do that? I loved all the flavors and probably could eat all the packages from a box in one sitting. I have to say, my favorite flavors were strawberry and the tropical blend. Delicious.

Fruit Roll-Ups: The only reason why I never got into Fruit Roll-Ups was simply because I could never cut out the shapes correctly. Let’s face it, they were really hard to take out. Well, for me at least. And compared to Gushers (they explode in your mouth!) or Fruit by the Foot, they were just a strip of flattened fruit snacks. Boring.

Did I miss any childhood fruit snacks? I wonder what the kids are eating these days. It’s probably some organic poor man’s substitute.

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Friday Fashion Flashback: Capris

Oh, capris. Or petal pushers. Or clam diggers. Or cropped pants. Whatever you called them they were HUGE back in the early 2000s. And don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty fashionable now. I still wear them, but I guess they go by the more formal and trendy cropped pants now.

But remember when everyone wore capris? You’d wear them with sandals, flats or my favorite combo, socks and sneakers (oh man that was really not a good look for me, it just made me look really stumpy). I had a floral pair (why oh why), a denim pair, two khaki ones and a black pair. I wore them to school (on free dress days, since I went to Catholic school), to church (my nice black pair obviously), on vacation, running errands with my mom, etc. They were a wardrobe staple for me. Since I grew up in Southern California, long pants weren’t needed most of the time so capris were a good choice. I hate wearing pants but love wearing shorts, so when it got cold, capris were my compromise. I still totally advocate this trend solely on this fact. Let’s never stop wearing capris. Unless you’re a man. Then those are called manpris and no one (the wearer and those around them) should be subjected to that.

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John Legend

It’s really hard to believe that I haven’t mentioned my love for John Legend yet. But now it’s out: I LOVE HIM. His smooth voice, his piano-playing, his smile, even his dancing. Ugh, he’s just so great. It all started with Ordinary People back in 2005 and it’s still one of my favorite songs ever. When his first album Get Lifted came out in 2005, I must have listened to it a million times. Also, this might have been just before I got an iPod (how did I survive?) so I actually listened to the CD on my Discman. Like that’s legit, right? I just remember thinking that this John Legend dude was so cool. He was super smart (he went to UPenn!) and he was talented. He sang backup vocals for Alicia Keys and Kanye. Kanye and he were like besties.

I saw him in concert my senior year of high school. He wore what my friends and I affectionately called, Space Pants. Gray, shiny track pants. He grinded with some random audience member to his song Slow Dance. I was so jealous. Corinne Bailey Rae opened for him. It was perfect. Then I got to be graced with his presence again when I was a senior at NYU. I randomly went to this screening because I heard there would be free drinks and that John Legend would possibly be there (my two weaknesses in life, I suppose). I didn’t really think he was going to show up but there I was getting a beer and BAM! John Legend is like five feet away from me. I was hyperventilating and shaking. I texted a bunch of people to let them know that they should be jealous. My friend even came from studying at the library just to see him. It was a dream come true (but if only he sang that night…I would have fainted most likely).

Anyways, now I’ve been watching Duets and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for the bromance of John Legend and Robin Thicke, I don’t think I would be tuning in. Oh yeah, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles, you guys are alright too I guess. Let’s face it, it’s a weird premise and it reminds me of that movie with Gwyneth Paltrow (that was called Duets also). But seriously, John and Robin need to go on tour together again. I read that they went on tour in 2008 and then I got teary-eyed because I didn’t even know they did that. What a missed opportunity.


Baby Daddy

Just one big happy family. “OOPS I HAD A BABY!”

GUYS. I really don’t know what to say here, besides like, whoa this looks effing terrible — and something that I’d totally watch, for several reasons:

1.) That Jean-Luc guy (the main character) is pretty cute. I remember him from that other, weird Blade Runner-esque, “aliens among us” ABC Family show Kyle XY.

2.) TAHJ MOWRY! Dude, I was a Smart Guy fan (remember this?). I’m all about it, though he looks a bit short. (Sorry dude.)

3.) That woman from REBA is in it. Yes, I watched Reba. Don’t judge me for it, they played those reruns like every day. And, well, I love Reba.

4.) That girl Chelsea is in it. Apparently, she goes by “Chelsea Kane” not “Chelsea Staub”, since 2010. When someone told me a blonde Disney girl was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I was like Oh, Chelsea Staub? And they were like, no, Kane. WTF. Who is this chick? Apparently, she changed it because people mispronounced it all the time and she was sick of that. I think it’s probably because she watched Real Housewives of New Jersey and didn’t want people to think she was related to Danielle Staub.

But I’m a little worried about this TV show. I get it — “haha, look at this guy with a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!” and by the end it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to him and season one (maybe two if they can drag it out) will end with a cliffhanger of the mom coming back and trying to take the kid back, but um, it still is kind of strange for ABC Family to be like, BABIES ARE COOL, GUYS. Especially with The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Like, ABC Family, will you stop trying to get us all to be like the Duggars? Thanks.

Anyway, I don’t have cable right now so I guess I won’t be watching this. Unless I watch it online. Uh oh.

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The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

So I’ve been at home in California on vacation for the past week and obviously have been catching up with friends. I met up with my friend Maddy (HI MADDY IF YOU’RE READING THIS!) for lunch a few days ago and naturally our conversation turned to One Direction. Back in 2008, we shared a mutual obsession of the Jonas Brothers and went to the concert with my then 15 year old sister, so she’s my go-to person for discussions about any tween sensation. Anyways, we spent basically 75% of lunch talking One Direction: our favorite boy and song (it’s like choosing your favorite child!), their accents, their mischievous antics, their X Factor performances, etc. etc. And because of that conversation I’ve spent about 50% of my vacation time watching One Direction videos. Remember when I was obsessed with them back in February? Yeah, it’s only gotten worse.

She told me about this cartoon that was so hilarious. It’s called The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. And I’m sorry if I’m late to the bandwagon on this one — since it’s already been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube. One of the lead animators for the show Archer wrote, animated, directed and voiced the whole cartoon. So yes, he did all voices for the boys and yes, all of his impressions were spot on. I die for his uber-slow talking Harry impression, I seriously cannot listen to real Harry speak now without thinking of the cartoon.

The cartoon depicts the boys as superheroes trying to save all the pussies (cats) in the world from the evil Lord Faptoguise. Their mentor Psymon (haha Simon Cowell) and a Paul McCartney lookalike make an appearance. It’s 18 minutes long but trust me, it’s so worth your time. The 1D boys have been asked about the cartoon and they love it too and want to do voices for the next one. Please make it happen. Check out the cartoon below:

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Pitch Perfect

This movie looks a bit like Bring it On meets, like, some other cheesy college flick. (There’s a million, take your pick.)

The reason I’m so excited for this movie? WHATTUP ADAM DEVINE!! If you know me, you know that I’m Workholics obsessed, the Comedy Central show about three friends who work at a telemarketing company. Devine is one of the stars and creators, and honestly, if you haven’t seen the show, please close this window, queue up some Netflix and get to it. Seriously.

(Oh, I forgot: Devine is the obnoxious guy in the boys acapella group.)

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