S/S Saturday Selects: The 90s Toy We Loved

Last week we talked about the 90s toy we hated. Now we’re picking our favorite one.

Sarah’s Pick: Nano Baby

I think Barbies and my Nano Baby are tied as my favorite toy. But Nano pulls a little ahead because it was just a total 90s fad toy. Remember when they were big and everyone had to have them. I remember driving my mom crazy because she couldn’t find the Nano Baby anywhere. They were sold out and I couldn’t have a Tamagotchi because those just weren’t cool at my school. I had to have the Baby version, not the cat or dog and especially not the alien one. What can I say? I’ve always loved babies.

It came with a handy little clip that you could attach to your clothes so that you couldn’t slack off on taking care of your Nano. You took it everywhere with you, perhaps this was just training for our addiction to our cell phones. You had to feed it, clean up its poop, bathe it and entertain it. Like a real baby! I think the longest mine ever lasted was 5 days. I found my Nano Baby last summer when I was home, I was curious to see if it still worked but for some reason I couldn’t open it up to change the battery. Such a bummer.

Sam’s Pick: Polly Pocket

First, let’s get real: I was obsessed with all kinds of toys. GIMME ALL DA TOYS. That really was my motto (also replace “toys” with “candy” and that was my second life motto). But one toy that I really did enjoy was Polly Pocket.

I started out small, with a normal one that actually was able to fit in your pocket. I think it was just a house or something. Polly is like, the size of a nickel and you can walk her around her little abode that pops open like a clam. There was also one that was a castle, and that was pretty cool too. She was a princess! She could wear a crown! She had a mini-horse! It was shaped like a heart! I mean, pretty cute. My favorite one was the one that was shaped like a star (pictured). It lit up and had an effing hot air balloon. Oh, it also had a brunette, which like, was cool (NOT EVERYONE’S A BLONDE, GUYS).

The thing is, looking back, I’m wondering why these brought me so much joy. Honestly, you marched a little figure up and down some stairs and like, your finger was bigger than the figure, so you’d have to hold them by the head and what the heck, how did I spend HOURS with these?

Later on, they came out with bigger “Polly Pocket” dolls with cars, etc. that competed with Barbie. I really didn’t get that. THE NAME SAYS POCKET, SHE BETTER BE ABLE TO FIT IN ONE. Logic, guys. It really bugged me.

Anyway, loved these toys, but don’t know why. The end.

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