My Brother and Me

Ah, My Brother and Me. A pretty good Nick show, albeit one that was short-lived. Basically, it featured a family that lived in North Carolina, and centered around a big bro and a little bro. (There’s also a smart, older sister, but honestly, who cares?)

The big bro, Alfie, has a funny best friend nicknamed Goo. Yep, Goo. They both pretty much terrorize Dee Dee, the younger brother (though there are some tender moments).

There’s one episode where he dreams he’s made a product called “Goo Punch” (which looks suspiciously like Hi-C or Juicy Juice in a can), and sings and raps a song about it. Another favorite is when Dee Dee has a snake, and then loses it in the house (oopsies!).

I feel like this show could have had something if it kept going. But alas, it was only one season.

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