Smart Guy

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I know all the lyrics to this theme song. The show, which ran from ’97 to ’99, was about a kid named TJ (Tahj Mowry, aka Tia and Tamara’s kid brother) who is a kid genius and skips from sixth grade to being a sophomore in high school. This creates some problems, as both his older siblings (the oldest sister Yvette and middle child Marcus) are in high school as well.

I totally had a crush on Jason Weaver, who played Marcus. Mostly because he also was in that prince-to-pauper theme/knock-off movie Summertime Switch, with Ryder Strong. Who remembers this?! Anyway, he’s gone on to be like, a legitimate singer and actor. YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MARCUS TO ME, JASON!

Also, Naya Rivera was on the show. Check it out at the 4:50 mark:

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