Nancy Drew

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a crime-solving preppy teenager to save you from trouble? Nancy Drew was a total super girl and a budding feminist (although she probably didn’t even realize that herself). These books were written in the ’60s, so eff these Mad Men women, Nancy Drew was boss. Maybe Sally Draper should read some Nancy Drew books for some guidance in life.

She lived with her lawyer dad in some WASP-y town and she was taken care of by her housekeeper, Hannah. She solved all the mysteries with the help of her girlfriend, Bess and George (yes, that’s a girl’s name). She had a cute boyfriend named Ned. She was wealthy and damn near perfect at anything. Seriously. She’s basically a teenage and female James Bond. Can I be her?

I can’t even count how many Nancy Drew books I read. They were awesome. But like my only question is, how did she find so many crimes to solve? Again, like the Boxcar Children, crime and mystery followed her everywhere. Can girls these days read more of these Nancy Drew books? I think she’s a pretty legit, strong female character. In my imaginary fiction world, she and Katniss are kicking some butt together.

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