Friday Fashion Flashback: Ugg Boots

Yes, I do realize people still wear Ugg boots. I still throw my pair on every now and then. But if you’re wearing them as a fashion statement rather than for comfort in 2012, we need to have a heart-to-heart later. They were pretty trendy back in the early 2000s. Everyone owned them and wore them with basically anything. Celebs loved them. People would pair them with Juicy Couture tracksuits (the ultimate lazy but trendy outfit), denim skirts, jeans and leggings. It wasn’t a really bad trend when you think about it. Although you kinda looked like a lumberjack, your feet were pretty damn comfy and warm.

I had a pair back in high school. Why I needed to wear Uggs in Southern California (where the coldest it ever gets is 50 degrees), I’ll never know. But every girl at my all-girls high school wore them to school so of course I had to have them too. And god forbid you got a counterfeit pair like Emus or something. My favorite outfit to pair them with was a pink sweater and denim skirt. Wow, I made some pretty bad fashion choices when I was 14.

I’m not trashing Uggs. I actually think they were pretty useful and super comfy. But wearing them out in public when you’re not running errands or going to the library to study or commuting to work is a big no-no.

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